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Earn daily income passively from twitch by botting ads with our high quality twitch adbot, With our free twitch botting guide this can be a low risk income source with infinite scalability.

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Bot revenue

Earn money on twitch with our bot by letting it replicate users watching ads.

Security & Privacy

Our bot replicates the real process with private unique methods to stay safe.

Custom config

Create a customizable config (.JSON) file to make tool usage faster & easier.

Proxy support

Our twitch adbot supports a wide variety of proxy methods including VPN.

High CPM

Generate high CPM (up to $5 per 1,000 ads watched) with private dedicated proxies.

Low resources

Our software is lightweight & does not require much resources to run (CPU / RAM).

Auto start & stop

Simply specify an 'ad goal' & the bot will automatically stop when the goal has been reached.


Our software comes with free regular updates to ensure safety & operation of the tool.

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# Features


+ Generate twitch income

+ Best API adbot

+ Low resource usage

+ Auto stop at desired ads

+ VPN / proxy support


Increase your twitch ad revenue

Investing in our twitch API Adbot is a great way to generate semi-passive income daily with little risk and a potential for a very high reward, Our twitch adbot is the best on the market and has many features that suits all needs, All customers will get a free help guide which contains everything that is needed to get started.

Bot speed & consistency

Due to our bot not relying on any form of browser automation (BAS / Selenium) our twitch adbot uses insanely low CPU & RAM usage (even at high threads), This means you no longer have to worry about needing high spec RDP's for twitch botting, You do not have to worry about crashes & most importantly you do not have to worry about consistency.

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Mass botting made simple

With our bot you are easily able to bot multiple channels at the same time, this means you can generate more daily ads revenue from twitch & also scale your twitch accounts, Due to our adbot supporting multiple accounts we also allow you to specify the maximum amount of ads to watch so the bot will automatically move on when the channel has completed to make twitch adbotting easier.

Regular updates & security

Our twitch adbot is created to replicate real twitch users & how they would interact with twitch, this means our bot mimics real viewers and from what twitch can tell the source of the revenue generated appears to be legitimate, This makes botting much easier and allows you to stay undetected, We also push regular free updates to make sure our methods are safe & undetected.

plans & pricing

Checkout with fast and secure payment methods & get instant access.
  •   Define ads limit
  •   Unlimited threads
  •   Rotating proxy support
  •   Low CPU & RAM usage
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1  months

Access to all features included within the bot for '1 month', A free guide is also provided for all customers upon purchase.


6  months

Access to all features included within the bot for '6 months', A free guide is also provided for all customers upon purchase.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Is the tool 'safe' to use ?

This tool is safe to use & undetected by twitch, we have also worked hard to replicate the real process of generating twitch ads revenue just like a real viewer would, however there is a chance they can manually hold payments if you bot too much or they manually find something suspicious, for more information contact us here.

Do we need to provide / pay for proxies ?

Yes, for twitch you will likely need to use some good proxies that work for ads, the tool currently supports (HTTP/s,Socks4,Socks5) proxies & the option to use a "VPN", We also allow both the usage of a "rotating proxy" or "static proxies" which means a wide range of proxy providers are supported.

How do you setup the bot ? twitch adbot is a very simple bot to setup with a simple to use GUI, after purchasing you will receive an email with a link to download a 'setup guide' which will show you how to setup the bot, Along with this you will receive 'Download' access & 'Login licence' key information'.

Do we need to provide / pay for accounts ?

No, accounts are not needed for this tool to run, all that is needed is high quality proxies & twitch accounts you would like to bot.

Do I need to provide anything ?

Depending on the software chosen you might be required to provide your own proxies / accounts etc, usually this information can be located on the product page, if you are unsure please feel free to contact us here.

What is a hardware ID (HWID) ?

A hardware ID is a unique ID generated from the system that we use to bind licence information for authentication purposes, This HWID is only used to "bind" data for users & licence to keep tool protected !

How often can we reset our HWID ?

We have a fully automated HWID reset panel where you can automatically reset your HWID / bound devices for free, there is usually a 3 day cooldown between resets however feel free to contact support if you need it sooner !

Where can I get "crypto currency" ?

If you would like to purchase crypto currency we suggest using a trusted platform such as binance if you are struggling to acquire crypto currency please feel free to contact us here.

How much money can I earn with this adbot ?

The amount you can earn depends on how much you are willing to invest & how much risk you would like to take, Payments can vary from $50-5,000 each month depending on things such as Proxies, Twitch accounts & so much more. For more information contact us here.

How much do I need to invest ?

Our twitch adbot has a very good ROI (return on investment) + profits and all you need to provide is your own proxies & accounts to get botting, Proxies price will vary and it all depends on how many accounts you are botting each day, we estimate "proxies" to start at around $10 per month on top of the software price.